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November 2022


As we collectively enter this season of Thanksgiving, wherein we point our gratitude toward our Maker, I would encourage you to consider a few things: ‘enoughness,’ source-thinking, and action. 

Enoughness is the concept of identifying exactly what is enough for you. What is it that truly satisfies? Name it, identify the relationship that enlivens the experience on this earth, and firmly commit to that relationship. Prioritize it above all else, not to the exclusion of everything else, but so that everything else might have its proper place in life. 

Source-thinking is the concept of looking behind the curtain. At my house, we usually go around the table and people say what they’re thankful for. It is, understandably, fairly surface because we’re usually very ready to eat at that point! Family, friends, food. All of this is true. However, true gratitude comes to our heart when we get beneath the surface and ask, “Why?” Why is this person, relationship, or material blessing something for which I am grateful? When we begin to answer the “why” question, we see our motives and the true blessings we experience.

Action. Once we’ve identified the relationships that mean the most, this knowledge should lead to action. Express gratitude to that person. Specifically and in detail. This exercise will actually benefit you more than that person, but that’s not the point. This one action can lead to others, like a spark can start a brush fire of gratitude and lift up the whole community. 

These are some simple things we can do this Thanksgiving that will brighten our hearts and the hearts of those around us, all in service to the King of Kings, as we seek to glorify Him with our every thought and deed. We don’t do these actions to make our lives easier, but to make Him known. These demonstrations of love are the way in which the world will know we are His disciples (John 13:35). 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and may we all experience the joy that this holiday is intended to bring.