If you have appreciated stock or other securities you’ve owned for at least a year, you can receive a double tax benefit by donating this stock to Norfolk Christian.  Not only will you receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock, but you’ll also avoid paying capital gains tax. This makes giving appreciated stock a much more cost effective option than giving cash.

Comparison Example

You purchased shares of an up and coming company that you originally bought for $4,000.  After five years, it is now worth $20,000, a growth of $16,000.

Option 1 – Sell the stock and then give proceeds to Norfolk Christian

Stock sale proceeds $20,000

*Capital Gains Tax   $3,200

**Tax savings -$4,400

Total Cost to Give $18,800
*15% Federal & 5% State Capital Gains Tax
**22% Income Tax Rate

Option 2 – Gift stock directly to Norfolk Christian

Current value $20,000

Capital Gains Tax         $0

*Tax Savings -$4,400

Total Cost to Give $15,600
*22% Income Tax Rate

For information on any of our ways to give, please contact Rick Nikkel, Director of Advancement, at or at 757.233.8448.

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