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Norfolk Christian Preschool

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4

Starting your young ones at an accredited Christian preschool sets them up to excel in Kindergarten and through every step of their education. Norfolk Christian’s Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 program is designed to prepare children for the rigors of elementary school by using interactive, developmentally-appropriate curriculum and activities. With their natural curiosity as a catalyst, our youngest students begin problem-solving and thinking critically from their very first days in our classrooms! This sets the stage for a lifetime of higher-level independent thinking.

*Birthday cut-off for current year admission is September 30th.

Enthusiastic Learners

Pre-reading, writing and math skills are primary focuses in our youngest classrooms, as lively activities build an academic foundation and create excitement about learning new things. Our caring teachers have a passion for making early academic knowledge fun and engaging, while they nurture new relationships and help children value their unique importance in a larger community. Assessments by the Brigance Early Learning Test and Kindergarten Readiness Test help teachers individualize instruction and create the best academic scenario for each of our growing scholars.

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Understanding Truth

This is a wonderful period in children’s lives when they start to understand the difference between stories and truth. We are intentional about weaving a Biblical worldview into everything we do during this crucial time, reinforcing the truth of the Bible and fostering a love for Jesus that changes how we interact with our friends.

Fully Accredited with Certified Teachers

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